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Setting The Tone

Setting The Tone

Company: Inspired Settings
Work: Design, XHTML/CSS, Wordpress-based
Went Live: July, 2008

It was a simple enough request, Dr. Morris of Inspired Settings simply wanted to fix a punctuation error on her website. She called and emailed her old web company a dozen times, and the change was never made. She related this story to us during our first meeting, and the question that popped up was also fairly simple - "Well, why does it have to be so hard to change a simple punctuation mistake?"

The answer, of course, is that it doesn't. Using Wordpress, the popular (and simple-to-use) open-source blogging software, Unstandardized Design created a fully user-customizable website for Inspired Settings. The design, provided by our good friends at Skip Vision, evokes peace and calm, wrapped in a professional presentation.

Now when Dr. Morris finds a minor typo at 2am, she doesn't reach for her phone and wait until the morning, she reaches for her mouse and fixes it herself in a few seconds.