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Better Business Networking

Better Business Networking

Company: BNI Silver Spring
Work: Community Site, Video Training, Drupal-based
Went Live: September, 2008

As proud members of BNI (Business Networking International), we at Unstandardized Design couldn't help ourselves when it came to revamping the old website for the group. First, there were two problems to solve - the old site was hard to maintain, when a new member joined the group, their information had to be added manually by editing HTML files. Ultimately, mistakes were made, and the site grew out-of-date.

Second, there was no central place for members to go to quickly find out what was happening each week. Using Drupal, we created a website that solved both problems at once. Now, adding a new member to the various portions of the website is as simple as issuing them a new user account.

The new member can then log into the site, and with help from custom-made training videos, they can easily update their public-facing information. On top of that, an event calendar was added to the site. Members can contribute their own events to the listing, or quickly check to see what is happening by viewing the Upcoming Events block on any page.